Join ecoese

We are looking for people like you who want to change the world, and make it environmentally sustainable. We need people like you who want to make difference to the world and turn it into a better place. Please join us, and let's create a movement shifting our lifestyle to be safer, healthier, and more sustainable together.


Location: Worldwide, work remotely. Or Tokyo, Japan.

As part of ecoese intern, you will have opportunity to experience what it's like in an early stage startup corporation. And be able to work on any area you are interested in, or to be assigned on some early stage challenge tasks.

Eco contents creator

Location: Worldwide, work remotely. Or Tokyo, Japan.

We are building a team to delivery environment and eco professional contents and articles cover the following:

  • environment problems and issues
  • eco technologies
  • eco products and services
  • eco projects and events

By becoming our content contributors worldwide you will be reporting environment related matters you care about. You pick up an topic to investigate deeply, report it, and follow up. You will be deliver those contents to people and make them be aware about issues mentioned by you. Your contents will be read by environmental activists, environmental NPO contributors, corporations, and general public.

Eco Editor

Location: Worldwide, work remotely. Or Tokyo, Japan.

You will coordinate with reporters and contributors and determine which contents will be covered weekly. And be the owner to decide what kind of eco topics to show our users.

You will also need to plan and design intuitive contents and information. This can be but not limited to:

  • animations
  • videos
  • articles and summarized report

Eco developer

Location: Worldwide, work remotely. Or Tokyo, Japan.

We need engineers and developers like you helping us to perfect our system and applications. If you are interested in developing android/iOS apps, we need you. If you are are good at system backend and API developing, we need you.

Eco data scientist

Location: Worldwide, work remotely. Or Tokyo, Japan.

As a data scientists you will be analysing and constructing environment big data worldwide. And collaborate will our developers to build revolutional new functions and services.

If you are interested to become one of us, please specify the type of role you would like to apply for and email your introduction (any format of resume, cover letter, video intro, or your past works) to below email address: